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The Grim Reaper

Torque Tech 3" Exhaust

Page was last updated: 05/19/99

When the Grim Reaper was purchased, she came with the original 2.25" y-pipe, 3 chamber Flowmaster muffers, and exiting with 2.25" tail pipes.  This exhaust, with the 383 motor ran a best of 13.57et @102mph. 

These are pix of what's in store for the Grim Reaper in the Exhaust department.  On April 9th, 1999, I ordered the Torque Tech 3" cat back exhaust with SS style tailpipes.  The cost was $358.52 shipped to my door.    The price included y-pipe, two SS style tailpipes, and mounting hardware.   I decided on getting the 3" 2-chamber Delta-Flow series, Flowmaster mufflers.   I will be adding pix and commenting on my opinion on the sound and if this was all worth the price of admission... :-)

2.25-3tt-Y-PIPE.jpg (23755 bytes) Here's a comparison between a stock y-pipe and the new TT 3" y-pipe

3-y-pipe_2.25-y-pipe.jpg (28618 bytes) Here's another view of the two y-pipes

3TT-2.25-stock.jpg (27999 bytes) Here's a comparison between a the stock 2.25" tail pipes and the TT 3" tail pipes

3TT-2.25.jpg (19576 bytes) Tail pipe comparison between the TT 3" and the stock 2.25" stocker

tail-3-2.25-anglecut.jpg (24238 bytes) Another view of the two tail pipes

3in test fit.jpg (12937 bytes) Here's an image of TNT's TT 3" exhaust with 3-chamber Flowmasters

3in test fit2.jpg (13883 bytes) Here's a top view of TNT's exhaust

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