G.Dumpit's 1999 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom

Reaper Jr.

Page was last updated: 02.16.03

Reaper Jr's Choke relocation from left control to remote location.

Parts needed:
Yamaha Vstar 650 choke cable (P/N: 4TR-26331-00)
7/16-20 Jam nut (to secure choke cable to mount)
RoadStar Left control to get rid of the ugly 1100 choke lever

I was going to install the remote choke to the right side, but was lazy and didn't want to fabricate a bracket. Looking for a place to install the choke, I decided to use the faux cover on the left side of the bike. I also installed the switch to the Tricky Air system on this same cover (more on that later). One thing to watch out for if using this location is to make sure that the knob and cable will clear the two mounting studs when installed. I snaked the cable around the DBAK/DMAK filters. If you still have the stock air box, you will have to get creative and make sure that you don't kink the cable.


On stand ready for more mods.. :-)

Road Star left control gets ride of the ugly choke lever and extra cable on the handle bars.

Back side of the faux cover with the 650 choke cable mounted

Parts required for the relocation

Cable routing highlighted

Top view of cable routing

Another view showing last loop to carb

View of new choke knob location

Reference side view of SS cable

Reference top view of SS cable